Pizza and Cupcakes

On two separate nights, of course – wouldn’t want to be unhealthy. (Ha!)

Homemade pizza is easy to make – you can buy the dough pre-made or make your own, and it doesn’t need time to rise if you use instant yeast – and, of course, fun to decorate.

We made this one a few nights ago: it’s half mozzarella, tomato, black olive, and red bell pepper, and half roasted butternut squash (left over from the risotto) and feta.

A pizza wheel does a much better job than a knife when it comes time to slice it up. And if you remember to sprinkle cornmeal over the pan before laying the dough on, it won’t stick as it bakes.

Last night, we finally got around to making these “car bomb cupcakes,” which are definitely the most alcoholic cupcakes I’ve ever made. The cake part has Guinness in it, the ganache has whiskey, and the icing has Bailey’s Irish Cream. Yum! Of course, the Guinness bakes off in the oven, and there are only a couple of teaspoons of whiskey, and a couple tablespoons of Bailey’s; still, the idea is great.

A few friends came over to help, since the recipe has three parts. I made the cupcakes, which then had to cool before I filled them with the ganache.

My apple corer is also an apple sectioner and therefore useless for cutting the middles out of the cupcakes, so I just cut into them with a knife and scooped out the middles with a 1/4 teaspoon – it worked just as well.

Mmm, delicious ganache. It is actually a little bitter, as it’s made with bittersweet, not semi-sweet chocolate. The cupcakes are not overly sweet either, but the icing more than makes up for both of these – it is SO sweet.

Ours unfortunately turned out a little grainy and thin, and almost too sweet. Actually, no “almost” about it – it was too sweet. Next time around I might just add a little Bailey’s to a tried-and-true buttercream icing recipe.

We “iced” this one with whipped cream, just as an experiment. Experiments in my kitchen are so much tastier than experiments in 10th grade chemistry class…

What I’m reading: Finding Nouf, Zoe Ferraris
What I’ve been listening to: Lost and Gone Forever, Guster; Songs Without Words and Symphony No. 5 in D Minor, Felix Mendelssohn; Spanish with Michel Thomas


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  1. katiarai

    I’m so jealous of those cupcakes, I’ve been dreaming of making them!

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