I didn’t pull out my knitting at all throughout the fall and early winter – partly because it didn’t get cold* till late in the year, partly because everyone I know already has plenty of scarves, and partly because I had no knitting circle and therefore no (benign) group pressure to continue making things. However, one of my goals for January was to complete Michel Thomas’ 8-CD Spanish language course, and I needed something to do with my hands.

So I made another scarf.

This only took about three CDs’ worth of time. It’s certainly nothing special – mostly straight knitting, with a few unevenly spaced patches of knit-perl – but it proves that I do still know how to cast on and cast off. I suppose now I should find a knitting group up here, and ask someone to refresh my nascent cabling skills, so I can finally take up this hat again. Hmm…

*It’s cold NOW. Here are a couple of screenshots from, one from this morning, one from this evening:

They’ve given up on sun and cloud images and gone straight to a thermometer that’s blue with cold.

And they have to bring adverbs into it; it isn’t just going to be cold, it’s going to be bitterly cold. (A quick note to my immediate family here, who all live in California: I always welcome your calls, and I love to hear from you, but please think twice before complaining about the “weather” there. Fifty-five degrees does not count as cold.)

What I’m reading: Lost in a Good Book, Jasper Fforde


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  1. Elizabeth Magin

    OK, I’ll call and complain about the cold weather — we had 13 the other night! I’m sure your grandparents are counting the minutes until they go to SB this year!

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