Two Thanksgivings ago, one of my great-aunts started a new tradition of giving out amaryllis bulbs. Last year, after I dutifully watered mine, it rapidly grew three-foot-tall green leaves, then proceeded to do nothing. I was kind of expecting the same result this year, but I watered it anyway – greenery is greenery, right? – and look what happened.

Not just ONE flower…

But four!

Almost perfectly symmetrical, too.

Very trumpet-like in shape, and very bright red! The petals were sparkly, though that doesn’t show in all of the photos.

What I’m reading: The Well of Lost Plots, Jasper Fforde
What I’m listening to: Mozart for Your Mind and Symphony No. 40, W.A. Mozart



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3 responses to “Amaryllis

  1. Hi Jenny! I got a kick out of your post -check out the one I posted on 1/7

    staying warm?

  2. Elizabeth Magin

    That’s exactly what happened to mine — last year and this year. Except this year, I forgot to take mine out of the box for several weeks. That didn’t seem to hurt it at all. One of the buds is now half open, and I suppose the second bud will be a few days behind. And this year there were practically no leaves! Very cool. Now I understand why one of my neighbors likes these so much.

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