The Living Kitchen

I met my friend Sarah in college; my second year and her first, I was the Resident Life Intern (called an RA at other schools) on her hall. We got to know each other then, and we lived together a few other times before we were both out of college. We haven’t lived in the same zip code since – and often we haven’t lived in the same country – but we have stayed close.

Without descending into total mush, I will say that Sarah is exactly the friend I would have wanted, had I been smart enough to dream up someone like her. She is funny*, she is listens, she is insightful, she is wise and articulate, she has a huge heart. For years I have gone to her for advice on all kinds of problems, and it’s probably not too far off the mark to say that because of Sarah and a few other close friends, I’ve never had to go to therapy. (Not that I never will, or that people who need to should feel anything but totally fine about it.)

*One of my favorite Sarah-quotes comes from one evening when we were talking about what to have for breakfast the next morning. I forget what dish we’d dreamed up, but it must have been mouth-watering, because Sarah said, “Let’s go to sleep so we can eat!”

Because Sarah studied women’s health in college, I sometimes asked her questions about that, and she always provided an excellent, sensitive, and caring answer. Then, when she moved to Toronto to study nutrition, I asked her questions about food. We had often cooked together in college, and we cooked together when I went to visit her in Toronto. I admit I am a bit of an alpha chef in the kitchen, but I love cooking with Sarah; it’s a little bit like having a really good improv partner (or, I imagine it would be. I’ve never done improv). I love her suggestions, which are nearly always healthier than what I would have come up with – though she recently came around and now has a higher regard for butter than she used to – and the results are undeniably tasty.

So naturally, I was thrilled when Sarah and her friend and business partner Tamara launched The Living Kitchen Wellness Group. I highly suggest you check out their site, and not just for the beautiful web design; they offer all kinds of services, pertaining to gardening, cooking, and yoga. They look at health and wellness from an integrated perspective, and that holistic sort of view is both genuine and of the moment. I encourage you to look at their site, even if you aren’t in the Toronto area; they are now offering an international program, a 30-Day Nutrition Challenge that you can learn more about by clicking on the link.

Clearly, I’m not perfectly objective; Sarah’s one of my best friends, I believe in her and I want to support her. However, if I didn’t think The Living Kitchen was worth checking out, I simply wouldn’t have written this post. So please, go to the site, and if you like it, pass it on. It takes a lot of courage to start a business at any time, but especially in this economy (even in Canada!), and I think Sarah and Tamara have an excellent array of services to offer, whether you’re interested in growing your own vegetables, trying new recipes, or experimenting with yoga poses.

“This world is a mountain. What we do
is a shout. The echo comes back to us.” –Rumi


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