Snow Days

Allow me to be totally unoriginal this evening, and write about the snow, much as every other person with a blog in the country (except parts of Florida and California, maybe?) is doing.

Here’s a bench along the path I take to get to school.

So far in 2011, we seem to be on the Blizzard-A-Week program. It’s hard to tell how much snow we got in the last storm, because it just falls on top of the snow that was already there and hasn’t had a chance to melt yet.

Schoolchildren of 2011, let me tell you…we did not have snow days like this when I was a kid. However, we DID have room for them built into the school calendar, which I understand is no longer the case in some places, which means y’all are going to be in school clear through July, so…joke’s on you, I guess. Except, there has been some awesome sledding.

And some awesome icicles. It hasn’t seemed that windy to me, but maybe the wind is picking up at night, or maybe there’s another explanation for it; I’ve seen some weird-shaped icicles this year.

Maybe gravity has tilted a little to the left, or something. (Oh CALM DOWN, science-people. I know it doesn’t really work like that.)

And it looks like we’ve got another 10 inches of snow on the way, before it warms up JUST enough to change into sleet and ice everything over. However, at least we’re not getting freezing rain like New York and Philly…or as much snow as Chicago. Here’s a recent conversation about the weather here vs. elsewhere:

“At least we’re not in Chicago.”
“Why, how much are they getting?”

As in, 20+ inches.

What I’m reading: First Among Sequels, Jasper Fforde; Life, Keith Richards
What I’m listening to: Agony & Irony, Alkaline Trio


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