Onion Goggles

I first heard of “onion goggles” from my friend Sarah, of The Living Kitchen. She had spent some time living and working in New Zealand, and before she left, one of the friends she’d made there gave her a pair of onion goggles. They sounded like a fantastic idea to me; essentially, they’re swim goggles that you wear when cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping, grating, or otherwise dismantling onions. That way, the tear-inducing enzymes can’t reach your eyes, and you can enjoy a tear-free onion-chopping experience!

I happened to acquire some recently and can attest that they work quite splendidly – and they’re actually pretty comfortable, though if you forget to take them off, the next person you see is likely to laugh at you. However, you can feel secure in the fact that you just made French Onion Soup (or whatever) without weeping. So there!

Onion goggles – and a better explanation about the enzymes within – on ThinkGeek.com.

Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.com

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