Of Desserts and Pen Pals

I have a pen pal! Read about it on my other site, http://www.jenny-arch.com (here’s the direct link to the pen pal post. Say that three times fast.)

In other news, I finally made two dessert recipes I’ve been wanting to try for months. Lucky for you, these recipes are already online! And I can verify that they are very, very, very good.

Lemon Bars from Epicurious (you’ll also need to make this Shortbread base from Epicurious as Step One for the Lemon Bars, so though the lemon part can be “prepared in 45 minutes or less,” that’s not taking the shortbread into account)

S’mores Cookies from Cookie Madness

I’m not a huge fan of lemon bars, and I liked these a lot, so that’s saying something. They won’t trump a chocolate dessert (not for me, anyway), but they’re nice to have on the table at a dessert party to balance out the sweet. (Yes. There is such a thing as a dessert party.)


And the s’mores cookies, well…they are just awesome. I tried to make them a couple months ago and it was such a failure I didn’t even document it here; I mixed the marshmallows directly into ordinary chocolate chip cookie dough (sans graham cracker crumbs, sans extra chocolate), and if you don’t already know, please learn from my mistake and DO NOT bake marshmallows into cookies for ten minutes. That is apparently way too long for marshmallows to be in the oven, they become inedible and they stick to the pan like superglue. So if you want s’mores cookes, definitely follow this recipe! It’s a winner.

What I’m reading: Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell
What I’m listening to: Where You Want to Be, Taking Back Sunday; Commit This to Memory, Motion City Soundtrack; Bach’s Cello Suites, Yo-Yo Ma; Dar Williams

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