I just came across this little aside in a textbook for my collection development class: “If there is a bibliographic equivalent of alcoholism, many librarians have it.” The following sentence cites the Random House Dictionary’s definition of bibliomania: an “excessive fondness for acquiring and possessing books.” (Note it doesn’t mention an excessive (or obsessive) fondness for reading books.) The text goes on, “Most bibliomaniacs (librarians included) cannot stay out of bookstores and consider it a great feat of willpower and self-control if they manage to leave one without buying a book or two.” Well if that’s isn’t chillingly accurate.

For more on the topic of bibliophilia/bibliomania, I highly recommend Allison Hoover Bartlett’s excellent The Man Who Loved Books Too Much.

Back to doing homework. And sneezing. Is anyone in all of New England NOT sick right now?

What I’ve been reading: State of Wonder, Ann Patchett; The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim, Jonathan Coe
What I’ve been listening to: Clarity and Futures, Jimmy Eat World; Say I Am You, The Weepies; The Suburbs, Arcade Fire

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