Playing Catch-Up

I know I have not updated recently, and I’m going to ignore some excellent advice* and explain that I have been out of town, I have been sick, I have been doing homework, and I have not been cooking very much (and as you all know, my cooking projects make up at least 50% of the content of this site). But soon I will have another book review up – I’m nearly done with John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman. For now I will just say that it’s a bit drier than the Keith book.

*When you’re giving excuses, offer your best one and leave it at that: e.g., not “The dog ate my homework and my pet goldfish died and the internet went out and the Cat in the Hat stopped by for a visit and the house was set afire by Smaug the Dragon” but “Smaug the Dragon set fire to the house.” (You won’t be believed anyway, in that case, but you see my point.)

As for where I was, I was out in California watching my not-so-little brother kick ass and take names on the lacrosse field. Go Aggies! (You should hear their fearsome agriculture cheer.)

Don’t we look eerily similar? (True story: in college I showed a photo of my brother and four of his friends to every single one of my hallmates and asked them to guess which one I was related to. NONE of them guessed right on the first try. Some of them took till the fifth.)(Also, when college friends saw the photo from my high school graduation of us together, they thought he was older. I will console myself with that when we hit middle age.)

These “random” posts have a high incidence of parentheticals. (“Parentheticals” IS TOO a real word, spellcheck. It’s a noun AND an adjective. You learn something new every day, don’t you? Or at least when you get updates.)

What I’ve been reading: Practical Magic, Alice Hoffman; John Lennon: The Life, Philip Norman
What I’ve been listening to: Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper, and Abbey Road, The Beatles


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2 responses to “Playing Catch-Up

  1. debbie

    i enjoyed this post- especially since i could understand all of it which is not true for many of your recent ones.

    is that a smile i see on greg? i want a print of this.

    love you both

  2. Yes, Greg is smiling.
    What was confusing about book reviews, sushi, and muffins?

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