Snowflakes and Crocuses

As promised, a few photos of spring flowers. When these first poked up I thought they were crocuses, but now I am thinking irises. Edited to add: Nope, right the first time – definitely crocuses. Read more about crocuses (and crocuses vs. squirrels) here.)

Also, it snowed again today. Just flurries, but still…very un-spring-like weather. (Although, when have New England weather patterns EVER conformed to the calendar?)

Yesterday was even colder than today, I think – all the flowers that had poked up through the soil looked like they really wished they hadn’t.

“Flowers are so inconsistent!” –The Little Prince, Antoine du Saint-Exupery

What I’m reading: My Life in France, Julia Child
What I’m listening to: Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan



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3 responses to “Snowflakes and Crocuses

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Trust me, those are crocuses 🙂
    So glad you are reading My Life in France – love that story. You may also want to read the newer book of letters between Julia & Avis called As Always, Julia

  2. Oh, I thought so! I knew you or mom would let me know 🙂 I’ll add a link to your blog so people who want more flower-knowledge will know where to go.

  3. debbie

    definitely crocuses. you won’t see iris till summer

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