Oat Maple Scones

Last night a friend and I accidentally adapted the Smitten Kitchen recipe for oat and maple syrup scones. I say “accidentally” because one of us read the whole recipe but got distracted looking for cures for laryngitis, and the other one did not read the recipe but was the one who was de facto in charge of assembling the ingredients into a cohesive whole.

To make things just that tiny bit more complicated, I also had us use oat flour in place of some of (but not all) of the all-purpose flour, so our adapted recipe included 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1 cup AP flour, and 3/4 cup oat flour. I don’t think this had any negative effect, and increased the oaty flavor of the scones.

The egg meant for glazing was, alas, mixed in to the dough, and the butter was left out till the end, but then quickly incorporated. Due to the extra liquid from the egg, the dough was a little stickier than it should have been, but all’s well that ends well. Plus, we found a heart-shaped cookie cutter in the cutlery drawer, and decided that it was in fact a biscuit cutter. Result: adorable, oaty, crumbly, delicious scones.

Oh, also, we added chocolate chips to half the dough. Because that’s how we roll.

We used a second egg to glaze some of the scones. It doesn’t affect the taste much one way or the other, but it looks extra nice.

These are easy to put together if you’re paying attention, and pretty forgiving if you’re not, as it turns out!

What I’m reading: Tender at the Bone, Ruth Reichl; Watchmen, Alan Moore
What I’m listening to: The Saints Go Archin’ In, compiled by Ben Apatoff


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