More Exploits in the Kitchen

A couple weeks ago I made banana bread again, this time substituting plain whole yogurt for sour cream. Final result was slightly less rich but tasted just fine!

Last weekend I also undertook to make Chicago deep-dish pizza from scratch, using the Cook’s Illustrated recipe, which calls for the cheese to go underneath the sauce (other toppings still go on top). I like this approach a lot. Also, the recipe said to use a cake pan, but I used an iron skillet, which worked out fine.

The dough, however…I think I am just plagued when it comes to yeast. I had two different kinds at home, active dry yeast and instant, and I proofed them both, only to discover they were both dead. Not a major problem; I live walking distance from a 24-hour grocery store, so I just went to get a new packet. Even that yeast did not rise to my expectations, though (forgive the pun). The pizza turned out well and tasted fine, but the dough never rose much, and I think the final crust should have been airier.

I hope I will not be prosecuted for copyright violation if I share just this part of the recipe: the step-by-step instructions with helpful illustrations of how to prepare the dough.

Needless to say, like all good things, it involves a lot of butter.


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