The Maine Event

Frisbee season has finally started again! Actually, it started several weeks ago, but now we have nice weather too, which makes it so much more enjoyable. One has to wonder what particular brand of insanity causes one, voluntarily, to get up at 5:45am on a Saturday (that time shouldn’t even EXIST on a Saturday), drive to Maine, play frisbee all day, and drive home, and think that this is a perfectly acceptable idea? Whatever brand it is, apparently I’ve been infected by it. Maybe it’s just a more subtle version of peer pressure: team pressure, exerted via a string of reply-all e-mails.

This particular tournament was extra special, as the playing fields were encircled by a dirt track on which horses were pulling little carts.

Welcome to Maine! I didn’t even know harness racing existed anymore.

What I’ve been reading: The Widower’s Tale, Julia Glass
What I’ve been listening to: Doolittle, The Pixies; Third Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind


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