Spring! Plants! Green!

Two Saturdays ago – a miserable cold wet rainy windy Saturday – the boyfriend and the roommate and I went to the garden center at Home Depot to acquire some greenery. Because we had faith that spring would arrive, eventually (and it did!).

We bought a bunch of plants and pots and potting soil and brought everything into the living room, because we had not got gardening gloves and it was far too cold to work outside. So we spread a bedsheet on the living room floor and got to work transplanting our new plants into our new pots.

The results:

An herb planter with chives, basil, and rosemary. (I’m thinking: cheddar-chive scones? Pesto? Rosemary-onion biscuits?)

Three little strawberry plants, already sprouting white flowers and tiny green beginnings of berries.

Mint plant!

And a cherry tomato plant.

All are doing very well so far, and have been moved outside to the porch. Let the growing season begin!

What I’m reading: Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver
What I’m listening to: Give Up, The Postal Service; Plans, Death Cab for Cutie; The Hour of the Bewilderbeast, Badly Drawn Boy; Elva, Unwritten Law

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