Sunlight and Color

The up side to having lousy weather a lot of the time is that when the weather is nice, you feel so relieved you’re almost giddy; drunk on sunlight and warmth. If it was perfect all the time, it’d be boring. (Some people disagree with me on this point, and those people remain in Southern California.) I do think, though, that if it’s sunny and 70 every day, even if you appreciate it, you appreciate it less.

When my family first moved to California (January 16, 1994, the night of the Northridge earthquake), my mom sent my little brother and I outside to play every single day. Eventually we realized that, unlike on the East Coast, we didn’t have to seize every single moment of nice weather; we could squander some of them inside, because there would always be more. It was just like this, all the time.

Nine years later, I came back East, and I complain about the weather – rain, hail, snow, sleet, wind, humidity, sometimes all in the span of a few hours – almost as much as everyone else…but not quite as much. Because the sunny-and-70 sameness is boring. (Great to visit during the winter holidays, though. Thank you, parents, for not living in New Jersey!)

And when it’s beautiful here…

…it’s beautiful. Spring here isn’t a noun; it’s a verb.

What I’ve been reading: Born Digital, John Palfrey
What I’ve been listening to: Pet Sounds, Beach Boys



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2 responses to “Sunlight and Color

  1. Liz

    Yes, yes, yes! I remember the Sunday in January when I was meeting some friends for brunch, and we all had such huge smiles on because we were so happy about having to dig up the sunglasses we hadn’t worn in WEEKS!

  2. mom

    as your parent, you are welcome about thee living in new jersey part. i agree with you on the sameness of sunny weather (boring) but, amazingly enough, there are people here who really do appreciate every sunny day as if they’d never seen one before. too much sun, is my guess.
    thank you for all the weather reports and pictures – i have vicarious weather through you. i especially liked the skyped snowstorm.

    ps. it is sunny here today, but we did have a cold rain for 10 minutes yesterday

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