Procrastination and Pesto

“Why do people procrastinate?” We discussed this question in my Evaluation of Information Services class, to demonstrate how hypotheses are formed. To give a concrete example, I have avoided looking at the weather forecast for New Orleans because I don’t want to know. Unlike my roommate, who is from South Georgia, I wilt in the heat; I consider 75 or 80 about as hot as it ever needs to get, whereas for him, anything under 85 is merely “warm.”

But anyway.

89. 90. 89. 90.

92. 92. 93.

Apparently all those thunderstorms don’t do much in the way of cooling things off.

Okay, that is enough complaining (in advance, no less) about the weather. Did you ever think about making your own pesto? It is surprisingly easy (if you have a food processor) and you can actually taste the difference between fresh and store-bought. Unfortunately for the precision-minded, detail-oriented, scientific types, it’s one of those “to taste” recipes. Here’s what you need:

A couple large handfuls of spinach, de-stemmed
A bunch of basil leaves
Pine nuts (about 1/4 cup)
5 garlic scapes, give or take
1-2 garlic cloves (might not need it if you have more scapes)
Olive oil (1/4 – 1/2 cup)
Salt, pepper, lemon juice

1. Put ingredients in a food processor.
2. Put on the lid. Pulse about 6 1-second pulses (or, you know, until it looks like pesto).
3. Scrape down the sides and blend once more.
4. Consume pesto! Probably not with a spoon…but on bread or toasts with mozzarella and tomatoes, or on pasta, or on homemade pizza or flatbread…possibilities abound.

And now, no more procrastination: time to pack.

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