Sweet Tea and Grits

I did not eat gumbo or jambalaya or alligator, but I did eat grits and biscuits and sweet tea.

I forget where I heard this so I can’t credit it properly, but I very much agree: “The four most beautiful words in the language are ‘Breakfast served all day.'”

Mmm, grits. Clover Grill, 900 Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.

Beignets from Cafe du Monde (I am pretty sure you are not legally allowed to travel to New Orleans without going to this place).

Served with a metric ton of powdered sugar.

And speaking of sugar…

Ice cream at Stanley (also in the French Quarter). Peach cobbler flavor and pecan pie flavor. In a homemade waffle cone. That was the before picture…

…this is the after.

Went to Clover once more before I left Tuesday morning. They have the friendliest waiters there. Also, biscuits. Not sweet tea though…had to stop at Cafe Beignet on the way.

Not to be confused with Cafe du Monde, which is several times bigger and several orders of magnitude more crowded.

What I’m reading: The Magician King, Lev Grossman
What I’m listening to: Horses, Patti Smith; Guster on Ice, Guster

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  1. mom

    your food color palette is very neutral!

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