New Orleans scenery

I didn’t see much outside of the Convention Center and the French Quarter, but the latter was pretty colorful.

Decorative horse head hitching post.

I’m not a huge fan of wrought iron, but many of the houses had delicate, lacy railings like this.

I spent all day on Sunday in the Convention Center, but I hear there was a Pride parade, and here is evidence in balloon arch form.

More lacy ironwork and sprawling plants.

The Mississippi River.

Statue of Andrew Jackson. Not our best president (responsible for the Trail of Tears, for one), but it’s a nice statue.

Jackson Square at night.

More carriages than I’ve seen anywhere outside of Central Park. These ones were pulled by mules – maybe their tolerance for heat is higher than horses’?

If you look closely here you can see a little cat inside the park, beneath the sign. As soon as they shut the park gates at night, it filled up with cats. Taking refuge from…?

One more Pride flag and some more lovely ironwork on the balconies.

What I’m reading: The Magician King, Lev Grossman
What I’m listening to: The Suburbs, Arcade Fire; Zen Arcade, Husker Du


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