We interrupt this broadcast…

There are still more New Orleans photos to come (and now New Hampshire photos as well – I’ve got a backlog), but I am interrupting the New Orleans streak to confirm that peach cobbler is still out-of-this-world amazing and you should make it.

I will caution you that there is a step in the recipe – the first step – where you peel the peaches, take out the pits, slice them (the peaches, not the pits, good luck with trying to slice peach pits, not that you would), and toss them in a bowl with 1/4 cup of sugar. The peaches sit in the sugar for 30 minutes, and you’re supposed to toss them repeatedly. If you use your hands for this you will get sugar and peach juice all over your hands. And it is the most delicious thing ever. So if you manage to get past this step of the recipe and not just eat a bowlful of sugary peaches, congratulations, you have an admirable amount of willpower.

I managed to summon the requisite amount of willpower myself, and went on to make the biscuity topping and bake it all in the oven and even let it cool. (Feel free to express your amazement here.)

This is not a photo of the cobbler. These are birthday pies from last weekend. One of them had peaches in it, and it inspired me to make the cobbler again. Good decisions!

What I’m reading: Little Brother, Cory Doctorow
What I’m listening to: Keep It Together, Guster

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