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Not to discount the damage that Irene did cause, but around here it was mostly downed tree branches and power lines, thus a friend of mine (my co-conspirator over at Things I Put In My Container Today, in fact) dubbed it a “hurri-lame.”

It did put a damper (pun intended) on our beach weekend, though today is beautiful beach weather. Of course. Here’s what it looked like Saturday morning, on the bay side of Cape Cod:

And here’s the ocean side around 5pm:


What I’ve been reading: The Good Fairies of New York, Martin Millar; Amy and Isabelle, Elizabeth Strout; Forever, Judy Blume; Wintergirls, Laurie Halse Anderson; White is for Witching, Helen Oyeyemi

What I’ve been listening to: Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack; Goldfly, Keep It Together, Lost and Gone Forever, and Parachute, Guster; Beneath These Fireworks, Matt Nathanson


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The lights go out

Sometimes the lights go out so strategically, you have to wonder if it’s on purpose.

Men’s Wearhouse becomes the Swearhouse when you can’t find anything in your size…

…and Borders is closing, but you can still place your Orders online.

What I’m reading: An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin; The Good Fairies of New York, Martin Millar
What I’m listening to: All Their Greatest Hits, Born on a Pirate Ship, Everything to Everyone, Gordon, and Stunt, Barenaked Ladies; How to Save a Life, The Fray


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Bread Pudding

Having stale bread is a problem with an excellent solution, which I have previously discussed here. This time I used fresh banana, frozen strawberries, and chocolate chips in addition to the bread/milk/cream/eggs/nutmeg mixture.

I love desserts that double as breakfasts. Or breakfasts that double as desserts.

What I’m reading: An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin
What I’m listening to: The Ultimate Collection, The Kinks

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New Orleans – signs & other oddities

I realize this trip was now over a month ago, but I am going to catch up now that I am finished with my summer class and have the occasional hour to myself.

Kitschy coffee for hungover tourists.

“Lemon cello” tart – a musical version of limoncello, perhaps?

Need a place to store your toothpicks? This hedgehog is ready to help.

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” -Virginia Woolf

This sign was outside a lingerie shop, however. Not sure what she would have thought of that.

What more could you want from art or humor than this “Roux-ster”? And in a diner with excellent chocolate milkshakes, as well.

Pretty sure I already posted this, but here it is again, because why not. (Constant vigilance!)

Who rocks bowties? We all know someone…

What I’m reading: An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin; Boy Meets Boy, David Levithan
What I’m listening to: Dilate and Little Plastic Castle, Ani DiFranco; Interventions & Lullabies, The Format; New Miserable Experience, Gin Blossoms

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Vanilla Roasted Pears

I have wanted to make this recipe ever since I first read it on Smitten Kitchen, and it did not disappoint.

Procure yourself a vanilla bean and make these now!

I pretty much doubled the amount in her recipe (using 3 lbs of pears – 6 pears – and one whole vanilla bean), and found that they were ready right around 40 minutes.

I left the skins on and served them warm with vanilla ice cream.

These photos are pre-oven, obviously; the butter melted. Mmm, butter.

Some people had seconds. Some had thirds. Some ate them for breakfast the next morning.

What I’m reading: An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin
What I’m listening to: Long Gone Before Daylight, The Cardigans; Tattoo You, Rolling Stones; Torches, Foster the People


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Ducks on the Charles

Wasn’t I just wondering where July went? I have a feeling I’m about to be wondering where August went. We’ve been traveling a lot, and we moved last month, etc. etc. etc.

For those in the Boston area, did you know they do free movie screenings at the Hatch Shell every Friday night in the summer? We went last Friday and saw Tangled, the Disney version of Rapunzel. (Strange: Disney did all those other classic fairy tales – The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty – but never Rapunzel. Or Rumpelstiltskin. Or Hansel and Gretel. Okay, I guess they didn’t do them all.) Tangled, anyway, was better than I expected (despite taking extreme liberties, bordering on blatant falsification, in their representation of equine behavior), pretty funny, and worth seeing.

Also, the weather was pleasant, and we had a picnic and friends to share blankets with. And we got to see ducks on the Charles River!

What I’ve been reading: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle
What I’ve been listening to: Question the Answers, Mighty Mighty Bosstones; Stripped, The Rolling Stones

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What I was doing when I wasn’t here.

Few things lure me into New Jersey, but one of those things is the beach ultimate tournament at Wildwood every year on the last weekend of July. This year we had near-perfect weather, minimal traffic, few injuries, and in my case, no sunburn!

Already looking forward to next year.

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