Vanilla Roasted Pears

I have wanted to make this recipe ever since I first read it on Smitten Kitchen, and it did not disappoint.

Procure yourself a vanilla bean and make these now!

I pretty much doubled the amount in her recipe (using 3 lbs of pears – 6 pears – and one whole vanilla bean), and found that they were ready right around 40 minutes.

I left the skins on and served them warm with vanilla ice cream.

These photos are pre-oven, obviously; the butter melted. Mmm, butter.

Some people had seconds. Some had thirds. Some ate them for breakfast the next morning.

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What I’m listening to: Long Gone Before Daylight, The Cardigans; Tattoo You, Rolling Stones; Torches, Foster the People



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4 responses to “Vanilla Roasted Pears

  1. We have a lot of pear trees in our orchard, so I will try your simple recipe.

  2. Debra Arch

    oh, fine. what a thing to see monday morning with not a pear in the house. it’s not even pear season is it?

  3. Liz

    Sounds yummy!! My CSA-substitute (a local aggregator that buys from more than one farm) is offering the first pears of the season this week!

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