Charles Riverboat Tour

Last weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather to use our Groupon for a riverboat tour of the Charles.


The MIT dome, site of many pranks (hacks).


The CITGO sign, we learned, is a historical landmark, and when the Red Sox hit a home run, it lights up: C IT GO (see it go). Fun fact!

A nod to the Vikings.

The tour took about an hour; not a bad way to spend a pretty day. (I’d advise calling, though; their website isn’t the most functional/up-to-date.)

What I’ve been reading: The Family Fang, Kevin Wilson; Pretties, Scott Westerfeld

What I’ve been listening to: Passion Leaves a Trace, Black Lab; Pay Attention, Mighty Mighty Bosstones



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3 responses to “Charles Riverboat Tour

  1. Debra Arch

    didn’t know that about the citgo sign! cool

  2. Carol magin

    see reply to The Lights Go Out. Don’t ask–don’t know.
    no advertisements along the seine!

  3. Elizabeth Magin

    What a great day for a boat ride! I saw herons on the Susquehanna a few weeks ago — in Maryland near the Chesapeake, not in Harrisburg.

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