Top of the Hub

Restaurant Week is a great invention. (Invention? Tradition? Custom? Thing.) This year we took advantage of lunch offerings as well as dinner, and went to the Top of the Hub.

There’s a great view of Boston and all of its wonderful, nonsensical zig-zagginess. We lucked out and got a clear sunny day.

I was also surprised by how good the food was. I figured it would be kind of touristy, and they might not bother with making great food since they had a great location, but I was, thankfully, wrong.

No photos of soup/salad or main course, but here is Ben’s dessert: lime cheesecake with blood orange sauce.

And here’s mine, maple creme brulee.

So delicious. Looking forward to going back!



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One response to “Top of the Hub

  1. sdancem

    Jenny Arch! Top of the Hub is where I asked my bride to marry me… I figured I wanted to ask her on the top of a mountain or at a fancy restaurant…BINGO…Top of the Hub! Best of both… Hey if you go up stairs in the Pru to the observatory on a day when the Red Sox are playing you can watch the game (from a mile away- really) and they pump the sound in on the speakers…very surreal!

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