Victory over Ticketbastard

A couple days ago there was an article in the New York Times that caught my attention: the band String Cheese Incident end-ran* Ticketmaster so its fans wouldn’t be charged the usual outrageous “service charge” fees.

I’m not even a fan of String Cheese Incident (though they have a great name), but it delights me to see someone figuring out a way to get around Ticketmaster’s pernicious and unreasonable fees – which, as the article points out, can add 30-40% to the cost of a ticket. So rock on, String Cheese Incident!

*”End-ran” sounds horribly awkward but is the correct usage.

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One response to “Victory over Ticketbastard

  1. Liz

    Hmm, which is probably why most people end up saying the longer “did an end-run around” ….
    But seriously, that story pleases me, too.

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