I’m only sleeping

More dog photos!

“Please don’t wake me, no don’t shake me, leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping…”

She loves car rides, probably because she appreciates being able to go fast on wheels instead of her own legs. And yes, greyhounds fit in hatchbacks; in fact, she jumped in unprompted.

Tongues belong in mouths, dog.


Everyone has their favorite sleeping position…

…and their favorite recliner. (Diva.)

“You wouldn’t make me move when I’m so comfy, would you?”

“You can’t make me move. I am one with the chair.”

Turns out, this dog HATES going out in the rain. Hates it hates it hates it. A few days ago I took her out, hoping to get a walk in before the rain started, but before we got past the neighbor’s driveway it started coming down. She stopped, looked up at me, then turned and started heading straight back for the house.


She does enjoy being toweled off though, should she be forced to suffer the indignity of a walk in the drizzle. Fairweather dog.





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