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Tres Leches Cake

A few weekends ago, we made Pioneer Woman’s Tres Leches Cake to cap off a Mexican-themed dinner. We left off the maraschino cherries, and set the whipped cream aside as an optional topping rather than icing the whole cake with it (though most people opted in). As one might guess from the 1:1 sugar:flour ratio and the tin of sweetened condensed milk, it was exceedingly sweet. (The only recipe I’ve ever used sweetened condensed milk in before is key lime pie, in which the lime juice counteracts the sweetness.) So, if you have a sweet tooth or twenty, this is right up your alley.


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Seckel Pears

Last week at the farmers’ market, I picked up my annual mini-pumpkin (I find them irresistible. Year after year, their cheerful bright orange cuteness outweighs the fact that they are useless). At the same stand, I espied some tiny pears.

They are called seckel pears, or sometimes sugar pears because they are so sweet.

Unlike mini-pumpkins, they are both cuteĀ and delicious: good for a small snack or a sweet garnish. You can tell when they’re ripe the same way as normal pears: when the top part of the pear, near the stem, gives a little under gentle pressure from your fingers and thumb.

Enjoy, if you can find them!



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Why must you disturb my nap?

“I’m all tucked in and have my stuffed animal and everything. What do you mean I can’t spend the night on the couch?”

Still Life with Dog and Duck, 2012.


Upside-Down Dog on Couch, 2012.

I was going to suggest an art gallery of animal pictures, but that’s what the internet already is, isn’t it?

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