Unfazed by earthquakes and hurricanes

The “unusual” tag on this post applies to both the “animals” tag and the “weather” tag. The animal in question is, of course, the dog, who did not even deign to lift her head off the couch while the (admittedly small) earthquake rattled the fridge around in the kitchen.

Did you hear something? I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear anything.

Likewise, she was not at all perturbed by the winds and rain that Hurricane Sandy brought on Monday. I’d say she was more bothered by the fact that we had friends over, and said friends usurped her place on the couch. (How dare they. Humans! On the couch! Stuff and nonsense.)

What do you mean, the couch is for people?

Just to remind her that she is not the Queen of Everything (actually, her preferred title is Master Of All That I See, a la Yertle the Turtle), we put her in a Halloween costume.

Here, let me make a face to show you how I feel about this.

And a zip-up jacket, for good measure.

Yeah, that’s right, LL Bean called, they want me to model for them.

I’m just gonna go for a quick run. Like ten miles or so.

Okay please don’t make me wear this anymore.


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