Craft Boston

A few weekends ago I went with some friends to Craft Boston, “a show of contemporary Art, Craft & Design presented by the Society of Arts and Crafts” down at the Seaport World Trade Center. It reminded me a little bit of the holiday fair in Union Square in New York, except it was (1) indoors, (2) much quieter, (3) higher quality things, and (4)  much more expensive.

So we window-shopped, or whatever the equivalent is where there aren’t any windows. A few of my favorite things:

From Purple Sage Pottery, a mug in a beautiful deep blue glaze:


From Liz Proffetty Ceramics, more mugs (and other pieces) with glazes reminiscent of landscapes. I had to go back and have a last lingering look at these before we left; I think they were my favorite pieces we saw all day, and the only thing that kept me from buying even just one mug is how many mugs we already have in the house. (They’re a good thing to collect…up to a point.) Beautiful, though:


From Stephanie Young at Calmwater Designs, these glowing lamps:


From Michael Michaud Designs, delicate jewelry fashioned to resemble berries, flowers, and leaves. The dogwood, cherry blossom, and pussy willow designs are beautiful, but what first caught my eye were these raspberry earrings:


I also took a card from Liz Norkus Design, but couldn’t find on her site the piece I thought I saw in her booth: a necklace that looked like it was made from joined twigs sprouting tiny pearl buds. However, on the Craft Boston site, there are photos of a few of her pieces, and these earrings are closest to the necklace I saw:


I saw similar designs by Elise Moran:





The Steampunk Industrial booth was fun to explore – it can perhaps best be described as rusty, whimsical, glowing, and giving off something of a mad genius/time travel vibe:


We were also all very taken with the creations from ArtHead Studio, from the “JunkYard Dogs” made of scrap metal to the “reTweets” to “The Odd World of the Littles,” which reminded me a little bit of Joseph Cornell, if he had been a bit more humorous.


All in all, it was a really nice afternoon out. I rarely go into Boston even though it’s so close, and it was nice to see physical, tactile art in so many forms: wood, fabric, glass, metal, and more.


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