“You have a blog for your dog.”

“You have a blog for your dog,” my brother observed via a chat conversation a while ago. To which I say, well, yeah, maybe. But if your dog looked like this, wouldn’t you? Anyway, I write about other things too; this has even been accused of being a food blog. (And we did make some delicious cornmeal scones from one of my Moosewood recipe books lately, but I didn’t even post about those, did I?)

But without further ado:

roller_derby_sudoRoller Derby Sudo! (That’s a human knee pad, but it works as a greyhound helmet, because greyhounds have tiny heads.)

thistoyismineThis toy? This toy is mine. “Sharing”? What’s “sharing”?

tangledsudoYou are going to have to help me untangle my legs later.

papasansudoI really quite like this chair.

sudonothumbsWoe is me! My toy fell and I have no thumbs with which to pick it up. I request your assistance.

upside down sudoThis is a totally normal way to sleep, right? Why are you laughing? (She was in this position for hours. Seriously.)

Okay, brother, you win. This is a dog blog.


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