Greyhound Adventures

Greyhound Adventures is a volunteer organization that raises awareness of “the greyhound as a companion animal” and creates “opportunities to network with the greyhound community.” Mostly this means lots and lots of walks, including one last month in Minuteman National Park. This was our first all-greyhound outing, (if you don’t count the Greyhound Friends open house last fall), and at first Sudo didn’t really seem to see the point, but by the end she was more relaxed and social.

As an added bonus, it turns out one of our new friends is an ace photographer, and captured Sudo on camera, making a variety of expressions.




Open mouth smile (a.k.a. “put a bird in it”)


Who are you and why are you touching me

All in all, a successful first outing. Thanks to Greyhound Adventures for organizing, and Ron for the photos.



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