Can we go inside now?



Here we are, not a minute away from our front door, and she’s looking up at him with an expression that very plainly says, “Can we go inside now?” (Two steps further on: “How ’bout now?”) Could not be more different than the husky dog we saw today, happily digging around in the snow, while we were at the sledding* hill.



Sudo, on the other hand, has to wear little booties to protect her feet from snow, ice, sand, and salt. And you can’t tell in this photo, but she’s actually wearing another coat underneath the orange one.

Fortunately, though, the sub-freezing cold that came with the storm broke today. This morning it was 27 degrees and it felt like a warm bath. It warmed all the way up into the low 30s in the afternoon and we had a nice long walk in the slush.



*Sledding, naturally. So what if we were the only people our age there who didn’t have kids?


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