Scarves again

I’m reviving the long-dormant knitting tag. In the second half of November alone, I made two scarves, and showed Ben how to knit as well. He picked it up quickly and is making a fine gray scarf for himself.

Meanwhile, I ripped out the first scarf I ever made, which was a bit lumpy, and re-knitted it in the exact same way (that is, straight knitting, no pattern at all).

Old new scarf.

Old new scarf.


Next, I got myself some brand new yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease “Thick and Quick” with stripes, 80% acrylic, 20% wool. I started it at home, did a big chunk in the car on the way to Pennsylvania (I wasn’t driving, obviously), and finished at my in-laws’ house. Early on, I had to consult my co-worker (who is an impressively talented knitter) to refresh my memory about ribbing (k2p2), and with that assist, the rest went quickly (as promised!).

New stripy scarf

New stripy scarf

Scarf snail

Scarf snail

I can’t keep track of whether I started each row with knitting or purling, so I kept track on the back of a receipt. (I know there’s an app for that, but pen and paper works just as well.) I still messed up in about three different places, but the scarf’s still warm and cheery-looking and that’s what matters.

That’s probably the last project for me for the year, but at least I haven’t forgotten how. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try making a hat again. Those double-pointed needles are still around here somewhere…

DSC07726 DSC07725


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  1. At my knitting group the other night, we had a whole conversation about the ways in which hats go wrong. I made a few really nice hats in the beginning and then somehow they all went off the rails after that.

    Your scarves look lovely!

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