Keeping an eye on the stray sheep

It’s indisputable that of the two humans in the house, I’m the dog’s favorite, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t keep track of Ben’s whereabouts too. When he goes outside to shovel snow (again), she watches through the window…at least for a few minutes.

Sudo looking out window

Brr, it looks cold out there. Why did he go out there?

Sudo ears alert

Where’d he go? (This is where she’ll hop from the recliner to the couch so she can get a better view.)

And he gets the third degree when he comes back inside.

Sudo legs crossed

Do you know what time it is, mister? Don’t walk away while I’m talking to you. You said you’d be home an hour ago.

All that vigilance really tires her out, though.

Sudo napping on couch

Whew, my eyes were open for five whole minutes there. Time for a nap with my stuffed animal friends.

You think shoveling is hard work? Try watching someone shovel.


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