The Boston Obstacle Course

It’s like our very own Winter Olympics! And the prize is More Snow.

Obstacle #1: Walk without tripping or slipping.

caution loose bricks in sidewalk

missing bricks from sidewalk

Obstacle #2: Figure out when other obstacle course participants (walking, biking, or driving) are on the other side of a snowbank from you. Dodge them to avoid a collision, without tripping and falling.

roadside snowbank

Obstacle #3: Avoid deadly icicles.

very big icicles

Obstacle #4: Guess the object under the snow. Be specific; what kind of car is it?

cars under snow

Obstacle #5: Get to work on time via public transit. (To my knowledge no one has yet achieved this final and most difficult obstacle, but the efforts put forth to accomplish it have been, may I say, Olympian.)


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3 responses to “The Boston Obstacle Course

  1. I’m going to try #5 tomorrow (hopefully achieving #1 and #3 in the process). The good news is that I have until 1pm to get there, so I shouldn’t need to get up ridiculously early.

  2. Good luck! See you tomorrow!

  3. Dude…shit is ridic out here.
    Obstacle 6 is trying to get up in my parking lot which suddenly has the steepest incline ever.
    Daily obstacle.

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