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The Boston Obstacle Course

It’s like our very own Winter Olympics! And the prize is More Snow.

Obstacle #1: Walk without tripping or slipping.

caution loose bricks in sidewalk

missing bricks from sidewalk

Obstacle #2: Figure out when other obstacle course participants (walking, biking, or driving) are on the other side of a snowbank from you. Dodge them to avoid a collision, without tripping and falling.

roadside snowbank

Obstacle #3: Avoid deadly icicles.

very big icicles

Obstacle #4: Guess the object under the snow. Be specific; what kind of car is it?

cars under snow

Obstacle #5: Get to work on time via public transit. (To my knowledge no one has yet achieved this final and most difficult obstacle, but the efforts put forth to accomplish it have been, may I say, Olympian.)



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Make Way for Ducklings

I wish there were more of these signs.

Also, more ducklings.

That is all.

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The lights go out

Sometimes the lights go out so strategically, you have to wonder if it’s on purpose.

Men’s Wearhouse becomes the Swearhouse when you can’t find anything in your size…

…and Borders is closing, but you can still place your Orders online.

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New Orleans – signs & other oddities

I realize this trip was now over a month ago, but I am going to catch up now that I am finished with my summer class and have the occasional hour to myself.

Kitschy coffee for hungover tourists.

“Lemon cello” tart – a musical version of limoncello, perhaps?

Need a place to store your toothpicks? This hedgehog is ready to help.

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” -Virginia Woolf

This sign was outside a lingerie shop, however. Not sure what she would have thought of that.

What more could you want from art or humor than this “Roux-ster”? And in a diner with excellent chocolate milkshakes, as well.

Pretty sure I already posted this, but here it is again, because why not. (Constant vigilance!)

Who rocks bowties? We all know someone…

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City with NO wireless

Getting online without a smartphone or ipad was tricky down in New Orleans, but I am back! With lots of photos to share. The ALA Annual Conference was a great experience, and I got to meet some excellent librarians and explore the French Quarter a bit.

Compared to Boston, New Orleans has more: cigarette smokers, styrofoam cups, heat and humidity, evident homelessness. It has fewer (none) laws against open containers of alcohol in public, and no good-tasting tap water. It has more fried doughnuts covered in powdered sugar, and more sweet tea (though it isn’t as ubiquitous as I thought it might be). It has the Mississippi River instead of the Charles. It is not famous for its solid internet connections, which partially explains why I did not post at all while I was there.

Due to needing to catch up on massive amounts of homework, I will just leave you with this warning for now:

What I’ve been reading: The Magicians and The Magician King, Lev Grossman; Love is the Higher Law and The Realm of Possibility, David Levithan
What I’ve been listening to: The Suburbs, Arcade Fire; Narrow Stairs, Death Cab for Cutie; Achtung Baby, U2


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Truth in Advertising

On the drive down to New York last weekend two weekends ago, we stopped briefly at a gas station somewhere in Connecticut. Turns out they were hiring!

Let this be a reminder to employers to consider carefully the placement of job ads. Good places to advertise: company website, front door, front desk, bulletin boards, telephone poles. Bad places to advertise: bathroom doors.

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No Exceptions

Oh Quiznos. I like you better than Subway. Why did you have to go and do this?

I just can’t ACCEPT it.

Although, points for originality – you don’t see this one much (accepting/excepting). Much more common is confusion between your/you’re, who’s/whose, their/there/they’re, that/then, and of course, its/it’s. As a public service, I am providing here a link to a helpful post from TheOatmeal. It will help clear up this confusion in a memorable way! Here, also, is TheOatmeal’s advice on semicolons and apostrophes, complete with dinosaur high-fives; this is not your grade school language arts class!

What I’m reading: Soul Pancake, Rainn Wilson; Under the Banner of Heaven, Jon Krakauer; Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand
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