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When September Ends

…and you realize that you haven’t written a single blog post all month…then it is time to summarize. Or, in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, “sum up” (“Let me ‘splain. [Pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up”).

I made oatmeal-apricot scones (twice, they were that good).

Saw some pretty snapdragons outside Cafe 1369 in Inman Square.

Took a ferry out to Spectacle Island and swam in the very, very cold water of the Boston Harbor.

View of Boston from the ferry on the way to Spectacle.

The beach was a little rocky. Someone took advantage of this to sculpt a mouse. (Sand mouse: it rocks.)

We had to take a closer look at the Duck House when we got back to Boston. Does it have the same connotation as being in the doghouse? Are the ducks in trouble?

Also, after eleven years of listening to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, I finally saw them live…

…at Fenway.

And they were totally amazing and awesome and lived up to all my wildest expectations. They were followed by the Dropkick Murphys:

Who were also good, but who were not so mighty as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

We had a housewarming party, at which a guest made “chocolate death cake.” (It was amazing. And there was extra mousse.)

Made these peach muffins from a recipe in Good to the Grain. They were supposed to be ginger-peach, but I didn’t have any ginger. They were delicious nevertheless.

Apparently, if you turn the muffins sideways in their cups (see above) after you take them out of the oven, they cool without getting soggy? I’m not sure this made a huge difference. However, I would definitely agree with the “best when fresh” advice in the recipe; they do keep all right for a few days, but they are the opposite of lasagna (which is tastier a day or two or three after it is first baked than it is when it is fresh out of the oven).

Played at Mixed New England Sectionals. We came in second in our division! And had beautiful weather both days.

Post-frisbee, we added some additional illustrations to this pre-printed paper placemat.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print. When I’m not reading or studying or writing for one of my three classes this semester (my last semester!), or playing frisbee, or cooking, or sleeping, I’m posting more often on my “professional” site (mostly library-related, fewer tirades against cable companies) and on Things I Put In My Container Today (fun for us, odd for you). I’m also keeping track of my reading on Goodreads; it’s mostly teen fiction right now because of my young adult literature class, but if you’re interested, I usually post reviews there. Finally, I am looking for a job! So if you know of any library jobs in the greater Boston area, let me know.

What I’m reading: Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi
What I’ve been listening to: the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Barenaked Ladies, Motion City Soundtrack, Black Lab, Nick Cave, Eluvium

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What I was doing when I wasn’t here.

Few things lure me into New Jersey, but one of those things is the beach ultimate tournament at Wildwood every year on the last weekend of July. This year we had near-perfect weather, minimal traffic, few injuries, and in my case, no sunburn!

Already looking forward to next year.

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Plastic Distractions

Twelve days – might be the longest gap between posts in this blog’s history. Life has been busy, full of work and school and ultimate frisbee games (and hanging out with the team, which effectively vacuums up what “free time” I have left, in a very pleasant way).

Yesterday was the longest day of the year (daylight-wise), Summer Solstice. Our game started at 6:30 and it was still completely light out – didn’t get fully dark till sometime after 9.

Tomorrow I’m off to New Orleans for the ALA Annual Conference – back on Tuesday after what I suspect will be an extremely long six days. We’ll see what happens when that many librarians converge on a city at once…

What I’ve been reading: Started Early, Took My Dog, Kate Atkinson; Bossypants, Tina Fey

What I’ve been listening to: Guster on Ice, Live From Portland, Guster; Sink or Swim and The ’59 Sound, Gaslight Anthem; Reconstruction Site, The Weakerthans; Cheer Up! and Why Do They Rock So Hard?, Reel Big Fish; The Moon My Saddle and Exit 263, Chamberlain; Human Amusements at Hourly Rates, Guided By Voices












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The Maine Event

Frisbee season has finally started again! Actually, it started several weeks ago, but now we have nice weather too, which makes it so much more enjoyable. One has to wonder what particular brand of insanity causes one, voluntarily, to get up at 5:45am on a Saturday (that time shouldn’t even EXIST on a Saturday), drive to Maine, play frisbee all day, and drive home, and think that this is a perfectly acceptable idea? Whatever brand it is, apparently I’ve been infected by it. Maybe it’s just a more subtle version of peer pressure: team pressure, exerted via a string of reply-all e-mails.

This particular tournament was extra special, as the playing fields were encircled by a dirt track on which horses were pulling little carts.

Welcome to Maine! I didn’t even know harness racing existed anymore.

What I’ve been reading: The Widower’s Tale, Julia Glass
What I’ve been listening to: Doolittle, The Pixies; Third Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind

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Two Tournaments, Two Days

Saturday: the Hampshire College home tournament. Played with the alumni team. We acquitted ourselves quite respectably, considering: a) there were about 9 of us who were non-injured, b) we haven’t played together as a team in six months, c) some of us haven’t been playing at all, and d) cold, wet feet.

It looks beautiful (and it is! Western Mass., I miss you), but the lower field was full of puddles, and since they STILL haven’t figured out how to make waterproof cleats, this meant wet cleats, wet socks, and wet feet in 40-degree weather. Not fun.

Sunday: Second day of Lemony Fresh in Falmouth, MA. There were some injuries from day one, so we were a little short, but not savage, thankfully (for non-frisbee folk: savage is when you only have as many players as need to be on the field at all times, i.e. seven; there are no subs, so no one gets a break. Okay for one game, rough for a tournament). Being the Cape in November, it was gray, cold, extraordinarily windy, and threatening rain; it did begin to rain during our third and final game, but it held off just enough.

And that is the end of the season for me, frisbee-wise. Sometimes I think the main purpose of this sport is to reinforce one’s appreciation of clean, dry, warm socks.

What I’m reading: The New Yorker (I’m in between books)
What I’m listening to: Everyday Behavior, Melee; Exit 263, Chamberlain

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Sectionals recap

UPA Mixed Sectionals for our region were last weekend. For once, we had great weather both days of the tournament.

Saturday morning:

Saturday we went 3-2, which was enough to secure us a later start time on Sunday. We won our first game on Sunday, but lost the second. While we were waiting to see who we’d be playing in the third game, some of us did this:

And you would be AMAZED at how long this took. It’s like these four skipped grade school, middle school, high school, summer camp, and college altogether. But by bringing all their intelligence and life experience to bear (and with some outside guidance and instruction), they were able to get into a square. Victory!

Turned out that for our third game we’d be playing a team we’d beaten the day before, so some people decided to call it a day and go home, but the rest of us stayed to play. It was a beautiful day, after all. And then we all got ice cream!

What I’m reading: The Discomfort Zone, Jonathan Franzen
What I’m listening to: Horses, Patti Smith

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1 and 2

BUDA tournament, Day Two: 1 and 2, so 5 and 2 overall.

These pictures are from our second game on Saturday; on Sunday it rained, so I didn’t have the camera out.

#4, fierce on defense.

Sunday results aren’t all officially up yet, but here are the scores of the first three games of pool play on Saturday, before the re-seed (we’re OTP, a.k.a. One Trick Pony, except now we’re actually called Flight School because there’s another One Trick Pony in St. Louis or someplace):

Sunday was drizzly and we lost our first game, won our second, and lost our third (to a team we’d beaten in our first game on Saturday). Consolation prize: showers, clean dry clothes, pizza and beer. A good end to a good weekend…and Sectionals is coming up in three weeks!

What I’m reading: About A Boy, Nick Hornby
What I’m listening to: Doolittle, the Pixies

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