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New routines

At the end of the day, I gather up some of Sudo’s toys from where she has scattered them about the living room and put them back on her bed in our bedroom. In the morning, she carries them out one by one (“incoming,” we say to each other as she marches through with a yellow teddy bear in her mouth) and distributes them around the house. This is pretty much the extent of her “playing.” It’s not uncommon that we’ll throw a toy for her when she’s in a playful mood, she’ll catch it once, and when we throw it again, she lets it hit her in the face. Playtime over. Commence eighteenth nap of the day.

This morning, though, I noticed one of her toys in an unusual place.

Notice the stuffed duck on the chair.

Notice the stuffed duck on the chair.

“Ben,” I asked, “did you do this?” He came to look. No, he had not left a stuffed duck on his chair. “She left you a present!” I said. Ordinarily, she only deposits things in places where she might use them for a pillow later – her bed, the couch, the recliner, the futon, the floor. She’s pretty flexible but I don’t think she would try to curl up in a plastic folding chair.

A distribution of toys.

A distribution of toys.

Meanwhile, she seemed pretty much the same.

"Who, me?"

“Who, me?”

It kind of reminded me of the scene in The Boggart by Susan Cooper where the Boggart leaves a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Jessup’s chair as a present, but Jessup misinterprets the gesture and thinks his sister booby-trapped his chair. He should have known better; Emily would never do such a thing.

"It wasn't a literary allusion. I can't even read."

“It wasn’t a literary allusion. I can’t even read.”

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The Boston Obstacle Course

It’s like our very own Winter Olympics! And the prize is More Snow.

Obstacle #1: Walk without tripping or slipping.

caution loose bricks in sidewalk

missing bricks from sidewalk

Obstacle #2: Figure out when other obstacle course participants (walking, biking, or driving) are on the other side of a snowbank from you. Dodge them to avoid a collision, without tripping and falling.

roadside snowbank

Obstacle #3: Avoid deadly icicles.

very big icicles

Obstacle #4: Guess the object under the snow. Be specific; what kind of car is it?

cars under snow

Obstacle #5: Get to work on time via public transit. (To my knowledge no one has yet achieved this final and most difficult obstacle, but the efforts put forth to accomplish it have been, may I say, Olympian.)


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More ridiculous dog photos

That’s it, I’m out of creative titles for these posts.






And here she is after her most recent bath:




We call this her Dowager Countess face. “Maggie Smith is my spirit animal. Now fetch me my tea and scones.” And you better believe she pronounces “scones” the British way.



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Opening Day at King Richard’s Faire

As much as it kills me to spell “Faire” with that “e” on the end…



…we spent a day at King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA, and it was great. It would not have occurred to me to go on my own, but it turns out the husband is kind of a fan of Renaissance Fairs (though he didn’t dress up), and since we couldn’t get down to any of the big ones in PA this summer, he allowed that this was a decent substitute.

To my surprise, everything was set up in a forest rather than an open field, so we were able to be in the shade for most of the day. Also, the first person we met when we entered was a tall man who walked around with a pewter tankard on his head. He had superb balance – we saw him later in the day and it was still there (and he wasn’t using velcro, and we never saw him spill).

It was my first-ever Renaissance Fair and I enjoyed it. Because look:



Jousting! For real! Well, not really for real, but there were knights (guys) in armor on horses, so even if the outcome was rigged and the falls were staged, it was still pretty cool to see.



You don’t see this every day. Unless you’re in the habit of watching A Knight’s Tale on a daily basis.

In addition to the knights, there was a parade (including a girl on a pony with a unicorn horn affixed to its forehead, or as my friend said, “The happiest girl in the entire world”), games, people in costumes, turkey legs and mead for sale, bawdy wenches (seriously, don’t make eye contact unless you want to become part of the performance), a sad magician, and an impressive balancing act.

Oh! And baby tigers.



Because why? Who knows! But when there are baby tigers, the “why” is less important that the “awww.” And the awe.

Here’s one about the pummel the other:



So that was our day at the fair. It was a nice adventure, even if we didn’t see these guys or this guy.

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And a half

I think Allie Brosh has been borrowing our dog to make her (amazing, hysterical) comics over at Hyperbole and a Half. I mean, look at the resemblance:




It’s uncanny.

Also, I like how the photo works from any angle. And by “works” I mean “looks equally ridiculous.”






I don’t even know which of these is sideways, upside-down, or right-side-up. Anyone’s guess, really.

And for maximum ridiculosity:






Allie, I think we have the same dog.

Illustrations are by Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half. Used with admiration but without permission. If you are Allie and you want me to take them down, just let me know.

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“You have a blog for your dog.”

“You have a blog for your dog,” my brother observed via a chat conversation a while ago. To which I say, well, yeah, maybe. But if your dog looked like this, wouldn’t you? Anyway, I write about other things too; this has even been accused of being a food blog. (And we did make some delicious cornmeal scones from one of my Moosewood recipe books lately, but I didn’t even post about those, did I?)

But without further ado:

roller_derby_sudoRoller Derby Sudo! (That’s a human knee pad, but it works as a greyhound helmet, because greyhounds have tiny heads.)

thistoyismineThis toy? This toy is mine. “Sharing”? What’s “sharing”?

tangledsudoYou are going to have to help me untangle my legs later.

papasansudoI really quite like this chair.

sudonothumbsWoe is me! My toy fell and I have no thumbs with which to pick it up. I request your assistance.

upside down sudoThis is a totally normal way to sleep, right? Why are you laughing? (She was in this position for hours. Seriously.)

Okay, brother, you win. This is a dog blog.

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Shelter in Place


She doesn’t understand why we can’t go outside.





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