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The Boston Obstacle Course

It’s like our very own Winter Olympics! And the prize is More Snow.

Obstacle #1: Walk without tripping or slipping.

caution loose bricks in sidewalk

missing bricks from sidewalk

Obstacle #2: Figure out when other obstacle course participants (walking, biking, or driving) are on the other side of a snowbank from you. Dodge them to avoid a collision, without tripping and falling.

roadside snowbank

Obstacle #3: Avoid deadly icicles.

very big icicles

Obstacle #4: Guess the object under the snow. Be specific; what kind of car is it?

cars under snow

Obstacle #5: Get to work on time via public transit. (To my knowledge no one has yet achieved this final and most difficult obstacle, but the efforts put forth to accomplish it have been, may I say, Olympian.)



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Keeping an eye on the stray sheep

It’s indisputable that of the two humans in the house, I’m the dog’s favorite, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t keep track of Ben’s whereabouts too. When he goes outside to shovel snow (again), she watches through the window…at least for a few minutes.

Sudo looking out window

Brr, it looks cold out there. Why did he go out there?

Sudo ears alert

Where’d he go? (This is where she’ll hop from the recliner to the couch so she can get a better view.)

And he gets the third degree when he comes back inside.

Sudo legs crossed

Do you know what time it is, mister? Don’t walk away while I’m talking to you. You said you’d be home an hour ago.

All that vigilance really tires her out, though.

Sudo napping on couch

Whew, my eyes were open for five whole minutes there. Time for a nap with my stuffed animal friends.

You think shoveling is hard work? Try watching someone shovel.

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Even more snow days

The next time I have to go to work on a Monday, it’s going to be a rude shock. As of tomorrow, it’ll be three in a row, and next week is Presidents’ Day, so I already know we’ll be closed (but who knows, it could be snowing then too, it probably will be if the last three weeks are any indication). I’ve enjoyed the extra time at home to sleep in, read more (including all three books I mentioned in my last snow day post), and cuddle with the dog, speaking of which (whom?)…

Sudo is certified as a therapy dog!

Sudo and her new friend Daisy, certified therapy dogs!

After attending three workshops with Dog B.O.N.E.S. (Building Opportunities for Nurturing and Emotional Support), Sudo, Ben, and I are a certified therapy dog team. This does NOT mean Sudo can (or should) assist the blind in crossing streets, nor does it mean that I can take her on a plane as my “emotional support animal”; what it does mean is that we can visit places like assisted living facilities, nursing homes, colleges, and anywhere else where her presence might brighten someone’s day. Our instructors were great, and the classes were a very good start to what I hope will be a rewarding volunteer experience. (I think Sudo earned extra points for not trying to chew the tennis balls off the walker feet; unlike, say, golden retrievers, Sudo cares not a whit for tennis balls.)

I’m pretty certain she’ll enjoy visiting people who want to pet her. What she is enjoying less is this:



But until she learns to use the toilet – and I just can’t see that happening – three times a day we must rouse her from one of the below poses to go outside, at least for a few minutes.

Snuggling with stuffed alligator toy

Snuggling with stuffed alligator toy

Tucked under a blanket on the couch

Tucked under a blanket on the couch

Pretending that outdoors does not exist

Pretending that outdoors does not exist

Somewhat miraculously, Ben’s birthday outing was not snowed out. Six of us made it to Danvers to play indoor mini-golf, because nothing says grown-up birthday party like glow-in-the-dark monster-themed mini-golf. (Right, other grown-ups who read this blog?)

Par three? Are they kidding?

Par three? Are they kidding?

Cool, right?

Cool, right?

Both before and after indoor mini-golf, we stood around in the parking lot and ate homemade cupcakes out of the trunk of our car. This is also a very grown-up thing to do. (Hey, we knew enough not to bring outside food into the establishment. If glow-in-the-dark monster-themed indoor mini-golf can be called an establishment.)



While I was planning that classy outing for Ben’s birthday, he took me to see Nick Hornby. So yeah, I think we’re even.

What will tomorrow’s snow day reading be? Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug, Howards End by E.M. Forster (it was mentioned in Vanessa and Her Sister), another book from my TBR list? We shall see…

Last, and least, the rose bush got another haircut:


Almost a year old – it was a Valentine’s Day present last year.


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Snow days

The blizzard hit pretty much as predicted in our area. This morning I went out the back door and waded through snow above my knees. We took Sudo out the front instead, so there was only a little deep snow before the street, which had been plowed at least once during the night or early morning. Coming back in, Ben was going to dig a little path through the snow banked between the street and the front steps, but Sudo had had enough of being outside, and tried to jump straight over the snowbank. She kind of got stranded on her belly, since the snow was taller than she was, but she paddled on through, ran up the stairs, and tried to push the front door open with her face. She’d be shocked to learn she’s the same species as a husky.




In this one you can see how she’s squinting her eyes against the snow and wind.

Inside, we’ve been well provisioned, having purposefully created leftovers for the past couple days in case the power went out (it hasn’t). Fresh baked bread, North African stew, pasta with homemade sauce, chocolate chip cookies, and lots of tea and hot cocoa. And that’s just the food! We also have stacks of books. I finished God’s Hotel by Victoria Sweet (thanks Erin!) and am trying to decide what to read next – The Art of Fielding? The first in Tamora Pierce’s Immortals series? Vanessa and Her Sister? Decisions, decisions.

Back inside and ensconced in her armchair once again.

Back inside and ensconced in her armchair once again.


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From snow to spring

Winter was especially long this year. Here’s a post I started back in February:


Nothing like being at work, watching inch after inch of snow fall, and feeling glad you put a shovel in the back of your car this morning. (That’s got to be on one of those “You know you’re a New Englander when…” lists, right?)

Please excuse the glare from a light on the window (above); I took this photo from inside, ’cause I ain’t crazy.

But it is pretty when the sun comes out…




Winter was especially long, and spring was especially poky in its arrival. But the snowdrops and crocuses began coming up a few weeks ago (though they got battered again by snow, ice, sleet, etc.), and now we’re seeing daffodils, early hyacinths and grape hyacinths, and a few tulips.

Today was finally warm and dry enough to take a blanket in the backyard and read outside for a few hours (until our delicate little flower of a dog got too warm and had to retreat to her fainting couch indoors).

"I don't know about this whole 'outdoors' thing. I like my couch."

“I don’t know about this whole ‘outdoors’ thing. I like my couch.”

In addition to the flowers growing outside, I’ve been indulging in some fresh cut flowers for inside. The blue glass bottle we brought back from Barcelona has been an excellent vase for these mini gerbera daisies:


Is it ridiculous that aside from postcards, chocolate, and slightly-reduced TBR (to-be-read) lists, the only thing we brought back from Barcelona was an empty one-liter blue glass bottle? Probably. But it was just too pretty to leave behind.


In other news, I can report that this flourless chocolate cake is as easy and as delicious as promised by both its creator and Deb at Smitten Kitchen (“17 flourless dessert ideas,” 4/16/08). Should you need something to get you through the final day of Passover (sorry I wasn’t more timely with this), this one is a winner.

Finally, for the two? three? loyal readers of this blog who have missed more frequent greyhound photos, here are a couple more:

"What's down there? Floor. Hmm. Floor looks comfortable too."

“What’s down there? Floor. Hmm. Floor looks comfortable too.”

"Helloooo down there."

“Helloooo down there.”



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Can we go inside now?



Here we are, not a minute away from our front door, and she’s looking up at him with an expression that very plainly says, “Can we go inside now?” (Two steps further on: “How ’bout now?”) Could not be more different than the husky dog we saw today, happily digging around in the snow, while we were at the sledding* hill.



Sudo, on the other hand, has to wear little booties to protect her feet from snow, ice, sand, and salt. And you can’t tell in this photo, but she’s actually wearing another coat underneath the orange one.

Fortunately, though, the sub-freezing cold that came with the storm broke today. This morning it was 27 degrees and it felt like a warm bath. It warmed all the way up into the low 30s in the afternoon and we had a nice long walk in the slush.



*Sledding, naturally. So what if we were the only people our age there who didn’t have kids?


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All the salt in the world couldn’t melt that ice



Here’s our street on the afternoon of December 18. At least this snowstorm (on the 17th) wasn’t immediately followed by sleet, unlike the preceding storm (December 14/15). There’s still a sheet of ice underneath everything, but not on top.


You can see the ice in this photo from the afternoon of the 15th. This was the only time we took the dog out without booties; poor thing was walking with her toes splayed out so much it looked like duck feet.


Here she is with the booties on her front feet; she’s much happier that way, though you can’t really tell in the picture. Overall she seemed to manage the snow and ice in a less freaked-out manner than last winter (see photo from last February’s “winter storm Nemo“), but I’m sure we’ve got bigger storms coming.



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